Task: Illustrate the beginning, middle and end of a story and create an audio “book”.

Doodle Buddy– Create the illustrations

1. Open Doodle Buddy app. (Tip: Be sure to MUTE the iPad before using the Doodle Buddy app. There are some inappropriate sounds connected to some of the stamps.)
2. Tap the TRASH CAN icon to clear the page if necessary. (If there is already a background on your image, tap the Tic Tac Toe icon on the toolbar and choose the plain white background.)
3. Read the sample story. Decide on 3 pictures you want to draw to illustrate the story.
4. Draw your pictures in PORTRAIT orientation (hold the iPad up and down not longways)
5. To draw, click the CHALK icon to change the color, the type of brush and the thickness of the line. (We know you’re probably not an artist! It doesn’t have to be perfect!)
6. After finishing your first picture, tap the WRENCH icon in the bottom right hand corner and choose SAVE TO PHOTO ALBUM.
7. Erase the page (tap the TRASH CAN icon).
8. Repeat steps 4-6 to create 2 more pictures.
9. Exit Doodle Buddy.

Sonic Pics Lite– Create the slideshow
Note: The Lite version of this app only allows 3 images.
1. Open Sonic Pics Lite app.
2. Tap the + sign to create a new project.
3. Enter a TITLE and tap DONE.
4. Tap ADD next to IMAGES.
6. Tap each of your 3 illustrations (it’s best to tap them in the right order) and tap DONE.
7. Tap RECORD.
8. Be sure it says IMAGE 1 of 3 at the top and tap the RED record button.
9. Read the part of the story that goes with the first picture.
10. Tap the pause button (where the red button was) to stop recording for image 1.
11. Swipe to image 2 and record the part of the story that goes with the 2nd picture.
12. Repeat for image 3.
13. Tap the square with the arrow icon in the bottom right hand corner.
14. Tap SAVE.
15. Tap the play button on the video to watch your slideshow.
16. Tap SHARE.
18. Tap E-MAIL.
19. Send the video to Amy.