Task: Create a flyer about a topic of your choosing with 3 pictures, a title and a few sentences to explain.

The toolbar: When you open a document in landscape or portrait view, the tools you’ll use most are in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
Documents: The document organizer where you’ll create new documents and open the ones you’ve saved. Pages saves automatically.
Undo: With a tap, you can undo anything you’ve done. Touch and hold to redo.

Toolbar buttons
Info: Change object or text properties.
Insert: Add an object to the page.
Tools: Check spelling, and more.
Full Screen: View in full screen.

Create a New Document
1. From the Documents window, tap the + sign and tap CREATE DOCUMENT
2. Select a template to get you started or choose BLANK.

Working with Text
Double-tap any text, and you'll see the ruler. On the ruler, tap the Fonts button to change the look of your text. Or tap a Character Styles button on the ruler to make the selected text bold, italic, or underlined.

Working with Objects
Add an object to this page
Tap the Insert button. Choose a shape, chart, table, or one of your own photos. Tip: To type in a shape, double tap it.
Add your own photos
You can customize any template by replacing placeholders with your own photos. Tap the Replace button on the image, then choose any image from your library.