Task: Create a timeline of George Washington’s life

Ideas for Using Popplet in the Classroom

1. Read the biography of George Washington and select 5 important facts.
2. Open the Camera app.
3. Take at least 3 photographs of the important events from the provided pictures. These will save in the Photo Library.
4. Open the Popplet app.
5. Double tap on the blank Popplet screen to get the first box if there isn’t one already there.
6. Using the tools attached to the box create the first box in your timeline. (add text, picture, and date)
7. Tap one of the circles on the sides to add another box. Continue creating boxes until all 5 boxes are complete. Be sure to draw your own picture in one of the boxes.
8. Add a non-connecting box with your names. (Just double tap anywhere on the screen to get a single box.)
9. Once you are done, be sure that you can see your entire Popplet timeline on the screen and tap EXPORT.
10. Choose EMAIL JPG. Send the email to Amy.