Task: Explain the stages of the butterfly life cycle and how to solve the math problem 258+497.

1. Open ShowMe.
2. Tap the + to create a New ShowMe.
3. The screen that appears allows you to pick your pen color. The eraser allows you to remove marks that you do not want.
4. Press the red record button in the top right hand corner and solve the math problem 258+497 (write the problem and at the same time talk to explain the steps you are taking to solve the problem.
5. Tap the PAUSE button after finishing the math problem.
6. Erase the entire screen.
7. Tap the photo icon.
9. Take a picture of the Butterfly Life Cycle diagram.
10. Tap USE
11. Move/resize it to fill the screen.
12. Tap Done.
13. Tap the PAUSE button again and resume recording. This time label and explain orally the stages of the butterfly life cycle.
14. When you have completed the problem, tap the record button again. This will stop your recording.
15. You will get the message, “Are you done recording?”
16. Tap Yes, I’m done.
17. Give your ShowMe movie a name.
18. Tap Save.
19. View your movie by tapping the play button.
20. After you have previewed your ShowMe movie, tap the cloud icon to share your Show Me .
21. Tap the PRIVATE option.
22. Check your title and add a brief Description.
23. Tap FINISH.
24. Your ShowMe movie has now been successfully uploaded to the GES Show Me account.
25. Send the link via email by tapping the envelope and email it Amy.
26. Tap Send.
27. Press the home button on the iPad to exit the app.