Task: Create an audio recording of a reader’s theater script and evaluate it using a fluency rubric.

Smart Recorder Lite is a free audio recorder app that can be used on an iPad to create audio podcasts, record a lesson, or record a student reading from a story, explaining a science concept or giving a set of directions. With the Lite version, recordings are limited to 3 minutes or less.

1. Open the SmartRecord app.
2. Assign the 3 parts of the reader’s theater script.
3. Press RECORD on the bottom toolbar.
*Recording automatically begins once RECORD is pressed
4. When finished recording, press STOP in the bottom left corner.
5. Press PLAY to listen back to your recording.
6. Pretend that you are students and complete the “Student Self-Evaluation of Reading Fluency” form.
7. Type in team name in the white box next to Category. (EX: Team #12).
8. Click EXPORT at the bottom of the screen .
9. Select EMAIL from the list of places to export.
10. Send the email to Amy