Team Members: Hendrickson, Redmon, Simms, Green

Ideas for Using
in the Classroom
Uses with WICR strategies
or formative assessment
creative way to showcase comprehension and knowledge of learned task
vocabulary, science processes, literary genres
group and peer evaluation with gallery walk using QR codes
Doodle Buddy
great for illustrating stories, fun to use
story retellings, history presentations, explanations
gallery walk, group presentations,
Magnetic ABC
Fun for students, easy to use, colorful
spelling practice, math problems, word wall display
interactive notebooks
Ready made templates are great, awesome way to display knowledge, very finicky to use
display of learned concepts in any subject area
gallery walk, mix-pair-share
easy to use, displays data well
timelines, story retellings, history summaries, great for tree maps
group presentations
QR Codes
Versatile usage, easy to download fle to
use for scavenger hunt, use to display any videos or other projects
rubric for QR, gallery walk
Show Me
Great way to show processes of work
math problems, vocabulary examples, history summaries
gallery walk of presentation
Smart Recorder
easy to use, great for speaking activities
story retellings, fluency and character development
group presentations
Sock Puppets
Easy and fun to use!
Use to teach concepts.
inside/outside circle to share puppet show

Race Tasks:

Sock Puppets-

Show Me-


Smart Recorder-


Doodly Buddy / Sonic Pics-


Magnetic ABC-